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The IT disaster recovery challenge

Organizations need assurance on their IT Disaster Recovery Plans, and Tests as validation that it has adopted effective controls to avoid the risk of significant business interruption, financial loss, reputational damage or legal harm as a result of any IT systems downtime. In our experience, the typical IT disaster recovery challenges are:

  • Disaster recovery focuses on the IT systems that support business functions which must remain available to ensure business continuity.
  • It provides the context in which the required capabilities will be implemented, and identifies the principles to which the organization aspires, and against which its performance can be monitored and audited for compliance, and risk mitigation.

Our approach

We assist your organization to design your DR Strategy, DR Plan and DR Test, which is created when a potential disaster event is identified and its impact is calculated.  Then the associated DRP document is selected, its team leaders and members identified, and the steps needed to respond to the disaster event reviewed to determine how to best benefit from the test, its desired goals and objectives, and the time frame needed to complete the DRP Test.

disaster recovery - our approach

DR Framework based on ISO223301

We provide oversight on your DR Plans and Tests, based on ISO22301. We ensure that you adopt a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and ongoing DRP testing programme to achieve the level of confidence that your business and IT executives expect. DR is a technology-driven approach where procedures have been implemented to ensure the effective maintenance of critical IT business systems, applications, and data. We facilitate the DR risk assessment as illustrated below.

disaster recovery - framework table 1

disaster recovery - framework table 2

We agree type of tests that validate your recovery objectives. We assist to design your long range DR testing program with clear, usable management metrics. We prepare meaningful test scenarios, learning objectives, and success criteria. We provide oversight on managing the staging and execution of scheduled tests. We capture auditable, team actions, communication details, improvements and lessons learned during the DR test. We develop pre- and post-test action plans to fill the gaps, prioritize organizational issues and plan improvements to your business continuity program. We agree training and awareness curricula for DR test participants. We review and analyze the integration of planned maintenance and DR testing. We provide a Recovery Test Status Report at the end of each phase of the DR test with recommendations for improvement in the short, medium and long term provided with an ongoing maintenance programme.

disaster recovery - framework life cycle


Your organization will be able to:

  • Have a better understanding of how the organization functions
  • Reduce its exposure to risk
  • Increase operational resilience
  • Protecting the value of information, transactional data and intellectual property
  • More easily demonstrate regulatory and due diligence to external auditors
  • Lower costs and losses with respect to IT systems disaster and related incidents
  • Better deploy IT resources

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