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The cyber threat challenge

Exploits are no longer restricted to traditional risks of generic viruses, worms, and trojans. Increasingly, vulnerabilities and threats are targeted and highly malicious. In 2015, more than ever before, protecting your key information, intellectual property and technology assets, is a mission-critical objective. The fallout from cyber-attacks now poses serious financial and reputational risk to your organization. Deploying layers of security technology such as anti-virus/anti-spyware software, firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, Virtual Private Network, and encryption, and maintaining your security “housekeeping” process may stop malware and other attacks. Whilst you realize that these security technologies are essential components of network security, none actually perform the most fundamental of all security measures, which is vulnerability management, technical policy compliance, and continuous security monitoring.

Penetration Testing

We offer a best practice Penetration Testing Service where we detect exploitable vulnerabilities across network assets, data centre systems, and web applications. Our pen testers get a better understanding of your organization, through vulnerability research, exploitation and post exploitation, where the technical security expertise of the testers, combine with the business understanding of the pen testing engagement, and finally to the reporting, which captures the pen testing results, in a manner that makes sense to you. We ensure that you know about threats before they present a real risk to your business operations, IT infrastructure and business systems.

The scope typically covers: Network Penetration Test, Web Application Penetration Test, Wireless Network Penetration Test, Physical Penetration Test, and Social Engineering. Our pen tests are goal-oriented, where the purpose of the test is to identify specific vulnerabilities that lead to a compromise of the business or mission objectives of your organization. It is not about finding un-patched systems. Instead, it is about identifying risk that will adversely impact your organization.

As part of this Pen Testing Engagement, we require Permission to Test which documents the Scope and contains a signature which acknowledges awareness of the activities of our pen testers.  Our Pen Testing begins only once this document is signed by your organization.

Continuous security monitoring

qualys logoAs part of our Managed Security Services, we use the globally-leading QualysGuard platform to reduce your overall security risk posture, prevent business exposure, keep your threat profile up to date, and provide comprehensive security dashboard reporting. This is based on NIST 800-53, SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls, OWASP, COBIT, ISO27001/2, and Centre for Internet Security.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring is a next-generation cloud service that gives you the ability to identify threats and unexpected changes in your internet perimeter before they turn into breaches. With it, we help you to track what happens within internet-facing devices throughout your DMZs and cloud environments. Continuous Monitoring brings a new approach to vulnerability management and network security, enabling you to immediately identify and proactively address potential problems such as:

  • Unexpected Hosts/Operating Systems
  • Expiring SSL Certificates
  • Inadvertently Open Ports
  • Severe Vulnerabilities
  • Undesired Software

Continuous Monitoring gives you a hackers-eye view of your perimeter systems from the internet. It detects changes in your perimeter that could be exploited and immediately notifies your IT teams responsible for the affected assets so they can proactively take action. Continuous Monitoring acts as a sentinel in the cloud: constantly watching your network for changes that could leave you exposed. We provide a visual dashboard of the status of your perimeter.

qualys dashboard


Your organization will be able to:

  • Identify the exploitable vulnerabilities internal and external to your IT network
  • Use a dashboard approach to managing security risk, and your threat profile in order to anticipate potential threats
  • Guide penetration testing and on demand vulnerability and policy compliance assessments – which feed into your risk register, and promotes risk responsibility and its acceptance throughout your Service Delivery Partnerships – aimed at continuous Service Level monitoring
  • Be compliant with legislative drivers to protecting data, and IT infrastructure, balanced against actual security management (POPI, ECT Act, Consumer Protection Act, PAIA, National Archives Act)
  • Find useful ways to share sensitive information with key stakeholders on threats and vulnerabilities to help defend against cyber-attacks – continuous security monitoring
  • Raise your organization’s capability to deal with a cyber-attack, and adopt best practice frameworks and guidelines (SANS, NIST, OWASP, CIS, COBIT, King III, ISO27001/2, PCI, ITIL)

qualysguard suite

Our team is certified to use QualysGuard, and has major white hat and black hat experience in both local and global customer engagements.

Service Promise

Our Service Promise is to deliver on these information security risk management objectives:

  • To reliably identify exploitable network, application and database vulnerabilities anywhere, anytime
  • To use an automated vulnerability management platform that finds the most recent vulnerabilities without requiring constant and time consuming effort
  • To seamlessly raise a security event or incident ticket via your Service Desk for your IT operations to remediate known vulnerabilities
  • To assess the network security posture of your business, your business partners and help to quickly remediate vulnerabilities and eliminate risks
  • To provide executive management with the ability to holistically review your security posture at any time
  • To provide ongoing global security best practices, and threat intelligence and continuous security monitoring

information security posture - service promise

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