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IT Policy compliance challenge

Policies are often out of date, lacking in applicability, appropriateness, and effectiveness. Policies lack lifecycle management for writing, approving, and maintaining these policies. Policy process management is limited with few tools for managing the workflow, tasks, versions, approval – and user acceptance/adoption of the policies is unknown – these are important for information security and legal reasons. Policies are paper-driven and need to be maintained in an electronic collaborative workspace. Policies are not standardized and are often found across the organization. Policies have no business owner for managing them and keeping them current. Policies do not map to exceptions or incidents, which ideally would show where the policy is lacking. Policies do not map to standards, rules, or regulations, whereby the organization lacks the ability to easily assess the impact of new or changing regulations that affect the policies. Policies use complex language, legalese, and are often difficult to read.

Our approach

We help you to:

  • Understand the importance of IT in Policy Compliance
  • Determine the relevant laws and regulations
  • Ascertain what controls apply to the laws and regulations
  • Align IT Policy Compliance and security with your business operations
  • Understand the organization’s IT environment
  • Establish accountability
  • Prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities and audit issues
  • Use automation for IT Policy Compliance
  • Monitor the organization’s IT Policy Compliance Programme regularly.

it policy compliance - our approach 

IT Policy compliance monitoring

qualys logoWe help your organization to adopt best practices found in the “IT Policy Compliance Group”, and ISO27001/2. We assist you to ensure that IT Policy Compliance is linked to your enterprise and IT strategy and organizational indicators where:

  • There are defined goals for Policy Compliance to achieve business value, whilst managing risk
  • There is Executive attention of IT Policy Compliance linked to your strategic objectives (e.g. customer satisfaction, cost containment, service delivery)
  • There are agreed metrics which align to business drivers across your operations
  • The data collected is from reliable sources for visible tracking in fact-based scorecards

We would assist your organization to adopt a Capability Maturity Model for Policy Compliance Automation, as the basis for establishing the baseline and setting targets and timelines. We would assist your organization to ensure that your Policy Compliance Automation initiative forms part of your Enterprise Risk Management Framework. We would assist your organization to ensure that your Policy Compliance Automation initiative forms part of your continuous improvement programmes. We provide a best practice IT Policy Compliance Assurance Services using QualysGuard for technical Policy Compliance (security configurations).

qualysguard cloud platform and suite


Your organization will be able to:

  • Improve service levels
  • Lower risks related to IT processes
  • Prevent security vulnerabilities, incidents and events
  • Lower the percentage of service interruption
  • Decrease the percentage of repeat audit findings
  • Decrease repeat fraud activities
  • Raise your organization’s capability to deal with a cyber-attack, and adopt best practice frameworks and guidelines (SANS, NIST, OWASP, CIS, COBIT, King III, ISO27001/2, PCI, ITIL)