Ensuring licensed use of all software – Our Services help you to avoid software licensing risks and ensure you achieve sustainable business growth

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Software licensing compliance challenge

  • Can your organization account for how many PCs, laptops and servers you have in operation today?
  • How would you rate your ability to identify software licenses for all software programs installed on your PCs laptops & servers?
  • How would you rate your approach to IT Asset Management?
  • Is your policy and procedures for purchasing and copying software up to date and effective?
  • What is your approach to maintaining an accurate inventory of software licences and usage?
  • Can your organization accurately report on your current IT Asset position?
  • Can your organization audit & identify every item of software, whether business or personal, on each PC currently in use?
  • Can your organization verify your current position with regards to usage of software against your contractual licencing commitments?
  • How quickly can your organization achieve ISO 19770-1 for software licencing compliance?

software licesing compliance - challenge

Our approach

We help you to adopt ISO/IEC19770-1 good practices in software licence management, including:

  • Common license management technology: Providing assurance that when initiating a license request, mandatory information is captured into a centralized license management system
  • Workflow: Providing assurance that the centralized licence management system has workflow that enables the initiation and ongoing license management process triggers, alerts, approvals, status tracking, and escalations
  • Technology asset classification: Providing assurance that the centralized licence management system incorporates pre-defined classification of IT technology assets

We provide assurance on how your organisation implements strict controls for the storage, access, retrieval and disposal of hardware and software media in order to ensure software licencing compliance.

We provide assurance on how your organisation uninstalls any hardware or software licences, or hardware which are illegal or not on your approved deployable technology list.

We provide assurance on how your organisation regularly audits hardware and software licencing assets to ensure ongoing compliance to legal agreements, and avoids financial risks of illegal software usage.

We identify opportunities for licencing efficiencies and licencing savings.

We help you to drive architecture complexity reduction.


Your organization will be able to:

  • Ensure that design specifications for hardware equipment are directly linked to business requirements
  • Reduce over-provisioning of business systems/IT equipment and software
  • Strengthen IT sourcing negotiation positions (aggregate demand)
  • Prevent over-deployment (cost efficiency)
  • Ensure that hardware and software architectural and licencing costs are optimal and simplified, where feasible
  • Reduce the risk of significant financial loss, reputational damage or legal impact